What Band of boats has to offer

As before the purchase of a new ship, the first questions to ask are: What type of ship will I buy according to the activities I am trying to draw from? Is my budget adapted? Answers to your questions are available at www.bandofboats.com.

Target safe values

There are hundreds of thousands of used boats on the market, and it is clear that the choice is complicated. Hence the interest of first targeting the type of ship that we seek according to the type of activity desired. On Band of Boats, you will have the opportunity to locate the vessel that meets your needs. To find your way around, there is a simple solution: the big brands on Band of Boats whose reputations are well established are the best mark that a second-hand buyer can have.

The good price

The second-hand market is so vast that it is difficult to establish a precise scale. In addition, some models are clearly on-side while others, more rare, are struggling to find takers. It must also take into account the condition of the boat, its maintenance, its actual use, its engine and its equipment.

Visit the selected boat (s) chosen by Band of Boats

The visit is often decisive in the final choice of your boat. You can thus check:

  • The overall cleanliness of the boat, indicative of routine maintenance or laxity of the owner

  • Raise the floors, to check the condition of the valves, keel bolts, the condition of the funds

  • Look at the condition of the woodwork, especially around portholes

  • Inspect the deck of the boat, check the condition of the gelcoat or paint, take a look at the rigging and condition of the sails.

So do not waste your time, Band of Boats offers a multitude of boats to go on a cruise. From catamarans to sailboats, you will be served with satisfaction.

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