Catching the sun on a baot in Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is often referred to as the' Mediterranean rising star' as the bright atmosphere shines through due to the beautiful views and lively hilltop villages scattered along the coast. You should rent a boat mallorca and visit part of the Balearic Islands which offers everything you might want from your yacht charter holiday; the island has unique beaches, beautiful hills, and various activities and is super-cheap for shopping! There's a perfect combination of contemporary and history, from traditional churches and secret courtyards to a thriving town, Palma offers everything!

Boat rental in Palma

This excessive location is extremely diverse, so we have a wide range of both bareboat and crewed sailing and motor yachts. Palma is a fantastic base from which to launch your charter with the unrivaled yacht-friendly infrastructure of other Spanish locations. In terms of size and style, whatever you're looking for, takes a look at our range and if you can't find what you're looking for, get in touch!

Climate in Mallorca

Palma boasts a great climate; it's mostly sunny throughout the year! May-October is sunny and dry, go to the beach and build your tans! Beginning from November-April, the beach will be slightly cooler and then abandoned. This is still a great time to visit as tourists are leaving and you will still catch the sun plus the city's livelihood. Usually the wind is calm; the sailing conditions vary, so you can get some great sailing in for sailing yachts. For motor yachts, there are countless bays in which you can take shelter if the wind is ever too much.

Tramuntana's Serra

This limestone mountain range' off the beaten track' spans the length of the island's northwest coast. This jaw-dropping mountain provides incredible views, the stunning landscape shows vivid colors, and countless guests marvel at it. There are different ways to enjoy the scenery, sail up the river if you're pushed to time where you can enjoy sailing and views from the comfort of your awesome boat.

Hiring a boat in Italy through Samboat

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The beautiful shores of Greece by boat

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