To take control of a boat during your next vacation, you have decided to get your boat license. Coastal licence, sea or river licence, it is important to know the differences and choose the licence according to your needs. More informations . To navigate rivers and seas, a ship's licence is required. The type of license required depends on the power of the on-board engine and the distance to the coast.

The different types of permits

The coastal permit is the most common and the one that is systematically requested for a summer holiday lease for example. This coastal permit replaces the ex-sea map since 2008. As its name suggests, the coastal permit is intended for coastal navigation. He can sail about six miles out of a shelter, day and night. Power quantity of ships, the engine can not exceed 50 horsepower. Contact a professionnal to discover private yachts for sale . The offshore permit is a permit that has been set up for two purposes. Validate the navigation on a more powerful motor boat and in navigation areas much further away than the previous 6 kilometres. As a result, the offshore licence, sometimes referred to as a "wide open" licence, no longer sets any power or distance limits to the shore or shelters. It is very important to note that the offshore licence is subsequent to the coastal licence,

Boat violations

Convictions vary according to the offences, some of which may include temporary suspension or even closure of the licence. This is fundamentally true in the case of excessive speed errors, very serious negligence or in the case of impaired driving. Fines of course from 1 to 5. They punish the failure to present the mandatory titles up to serious details such as failure to respect the capacities linked to the permit, or the absence of this permit.