France offers exclusive activities no matter where you go. In the example of Provence that much entertainment either offer culturally or in terms of activities, France is just rich. Only in the case of Provence, you will know what to expect really claim to enjoy the journey afterwards. Some golf tips easily help to achieve this.

A list of things to do

During a trip in Provence, it will be important to do it with a guide full of passion. This will see all the attractions and discover the hidden beauty of the region. We can also see the workshop of Cezanne and privacy of this house that saw him become a painter. Subsequently, in the heart of the Mazarin district, a mansion invite us to discover a new art center in a gem of the XVIII century. Optical art will also be part of the activities to do with the Vasarely Foundation. When talking about discovery, about Provence, Calission will be one of the musts that should not be missed. It is above all a mixture of almonds and candied melon to orange blossom fragrance. We must also say that going to Provence will mean a trip back in time what will be a very good opportunity to stroll around the city.

Provence is also the vineyards

You should know that the wine is a recurring activity in the region. The area wineries offer a particularly varied landscape. You should also know that the vineyard in Provence was established by the Romans since the second century. Thereafter, the vine is seen shifted to other regions Gallic through the expansion of the Roman Empire. Provence is a luxury wine tourism in france since we speak the same wine cradle. You should know that after the implementation of the vines by the Romans, the latter view is develop by monks and nobles making it even more elegant wine. It must be said that it is in Provence that will be established the foundations of modern viticulture in 1935.