You are on holiday and have decided to do something extra this holiday, treat yourself with the best of all boats. There is nothing like a charter from a catamaran to make your holiday unforgettable. All you need to do is rent a boatfrom samboat and decide on which catamaran to choose for your holidays to become wonderful. Clink beers over the Thai Gulf as the sunset shines pink or red. Feel the fresh breezes blowing through your hair. These are a few among the experiences that a catamaran charter is waiting for travelers.

Different types of catamaran charter

Before you book your vessel for your holiday, you just need to research on your ship types and follow the tips below.

Skippered rental of catamarans

If you'd prefer a salt-washed sea dog's steady hand, you've been covered by skippered catamaran charters. They might just come with a captain, but they might be able to offer a full crew. It's the alternative for holidaymakers who want more time to focus on their sunbathing, reading, and snorkeling, as well as those with less experience on the mainsail.

Charters for bareboat catamarans

There's the simplest–and often the cheapest–catamaran package out there, the ship's bareboat and nothing more. You won't get a skipper, a crew, or service people's additional expertise. In reality, you will be left with all the tacking, compass work, ropes and anchoring, and your holiday will be compared. If you have sailing skills and some know-how at sea, it's the option to consider.

Large and small rentals of catamarans

Catamarans come in a whole kaleidoscope of shapes and sizes, like monohull yachts. That said, they appear to be slightly larger than their counterparts with a single-keel. That's because they're packed between their two bows in extra deck space. It is also about choosing boats with bunk rooms or tight-knit compartments, or scaling stuff with living rooms and kitchens up to 50-foot bows. Whatever the type you have chosen, your holidays will still be awesome.