If Europeans are the most notorious in knowledge production and consumption of wine, Asians, too, are beginning to appreciate this product. Did you know that the majority of Asian tourists coming to Europe to discover the wine and to taste it?

Asian and wine

Asian customers begin to increase in number from those who want to learn more about wine in Europe. If Asians were accustomed to less sophisticated drinks, it is noticed lately they are becoming more interested in wine and especially wine. The vine is not part of their culture and yet, fans are multiplying. The last decade was marked by a change of habits among Chinese and Japanese in terms of wine consumption. Moreover, the French found an opportunity to gradually introduce their luxury products in these countries, especially China. Otherwise, customers are likely to integrate the luxury wine tourism in france. What makes them discover new tastes, consume an aperitif or to concoct their dishes. They thus adopt the hotel package to stay for a reasonable time in the country to discover and learn. The observed practices will then be used in their daily or kitchen. Moreover, over half of Asian tourists leave with bottles.

The new producer Asia

The planting of vines is not exactly a new activity in Asian countries. India, very conservative country, prohibits the consumption of wine and yet has large production in a specific region. As for Japan, they began the cultivation of vines in the 19th century. It currently has more than 200 wineries. The vine has become a subsidiary activity in rice cultivation because of the unfavorable places for rice, growers have converted vineyards. But usually, the products of the vineyard will not be used for all wine production but rather to manufacture their local drink. Production and wine consumption are yet timid in this part of the world.