When you go sightseeing in France, you may also enjoy unforgettable moments. You will meet friendly people, beautiful places and it would be no exaggeration to say that this will be a new experience because France is one of the most attractive countries in the world with its culture and history.

Places to visit in France

France when you hear it coming you immediately to mind its beautiful capital Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With the majesty of the iron lady dress, Paris is the typical tourist place that must not be missed in the region of Ile de France. You can live and telling several anecdotes about the capital because it does not you surely missed. Otherwise, always ile de France you've probably visited various castles of the Loire, Versailles and many others with the objective to know the history of these buildings and the entire country. And of course, Dysney Land for ages, live extraordinary moments with our stars of animated drawings. Otherwise, you have the famous sites such as Mont-Saint-Michel and its Abbey perched above the mountain. We must not forget the castles, museums, vineyards, park and zoo in all regions of France.

Also discover

It is as if you were not in France if you have not tasted its culinary specialty and its fine cuisine. A very famous cuisine in the world because of its thinness. Each region has its particularity in culinary matters, but what makes famous of France is his cooking in butter. Have you tasted the culinary tourism in your exclusive travel in france? See you in the restaurants of cities to taste the wide variety of French food cassoulet, stew, bread and toppings, etc. all that is most tasty in the world. Discover the wine, the best in familials vineyards, taste, tame and adopt. But it is also possible to learn from the famous French chefs and starred gourmet cook.