Whether you want to sail in the Mediterranean Sea, the Caribbean Sea, the Indian Ocean or the seas of Indonesia, Crewed Tours promises you beautiful odysseys full of tranquility... The rental of a personal yacht with a member of the team will force you to discover excellent landscapes and sensations would never have succeeded in experiencing it by renting a prestigious villa on the Riviera. More informations : http://www.aquamarine-yacht-group.com . In addition, on board the ship, you will not eliminate the comfort and attentive and efficient staff that will ensure throughout your escapade that you have everything you want to ensure that your stay in your yacht reaches the perfection that surrounds you.

Planning sea holidays properly

Every year, millions of people plan their holidays. Far from mass tourism, boat rental offers the possibility of spending a holiday. Contrary to popular belief, staying a week on a ship is no more expensive than a holiday rental house. Of course, the cost will depend on the type of boat, its age and size. For more informations about seabob french riviera, contact professionnal. Spending your holidays on a boat is like going on an adventure! Sailing off the coast provides a sense of escape. Far from the tension of the city, experience a feeling of freedom and get closer to the components while drifting a sailboat. Plan your itinerary and find coves along your route and islands. If you are sailing for the first time, there are packages adapted to your cruise.