Tourismwine and oenological tourism, is a sort of delight tourism dependent on the discovery of wine regions and their productions. Wine tourism covers a broad assortment of discovery activities: blossoms, vine and wine channels and methods, understanding of grape types, terroirs, classes and appellations, gastronomy or even sports and leisure activities: walks and hikes in vineyards, hot air balloon or airplane flights, etc.. More informations : Wine & Spirit Lodging. For winegrowers, visits to this estate allow them create and to market their work understood directly’s fruit. Moreover, tastings create local income (just one in ten people leave without having purchased ) and traffic, when they return home, often buy at a space. For tourists, an increasing percentage of them are trying to give their vacations an added value of gastronomy, living and authenticity. However, the wines are sought after as the most genuine expressions of their terroirs. A good introduction for vacationers is made from the vineyards, then throughout the basement, the vat room and finally the media, the area. Tastings allow you to explore four or four vintages under the advice of the home’s oenologist or owner.

The vineyard

Supervisors dream is made by converting into the vineyard. But this profession calls for a entire physical, patrimonial and expert commitment: some winegrower (or winegrower) is someone who works a vineyard, as a owner or tenant. We offer you Wine tasting weekend to learn more about the wine grower's profession. The heart of the profession of the winegrower is made up cultivating the vine to make grapes and transform them by means of a procedure into wine. Regardless of the scale of the profession (little organic producers, winegrowers, etc.), the use of a winegrower remains very demanding and requires multiple abilities, apart from intellectual abilities, the winegrower must demonstrate versatility and a certain physical ability to perform his job nicely. He is a superb singer, with an exceptional awareness of relationship, who must demonstrate a solid foundation in discussion, with a trader’s flair. He must also demonstrate a good command of client relations budget management and substance administration. Since the occupation of the winegrower is above a field job, you must have a high level of and skills. It is suggested to get a deep respect for the environment and nature and to enjoy working the property.

Wine identified by the AOC

A product that derives typicity and its authenticity out of its geographical origin is identified by the AOC. Production or manufacturing is indicated with natural factors (related to climate, geography, soil nature, etc.) and by a human heritage linked to know-how. To benefit from this, a commodity should come from a production region, meet specific production requirements and have a reputation. Producers must form a trade union or promotional association and also submit a file, with specifications to the INAO, Institut National des Appellations d’Origine, the initial designations granted wine. They account for 80 percent of wine production Now.