Warm and delicious, the city of Lyon is a city absolutely visit once in tourism in France. An amazing city that is discovered in rivers Rhône and Saône. Lyon is both considered an historic city with Roman ruins, its alleyways and a modern, dynamic city with a workforce in which to live.

Historic sites

For lyon tourism is as it should be, many places and monuments to visit. Being the second city of France, this city is full of cultural heritage including historic sites. A foot race on the banks of the Rhône would be a smart idea to start the tour. With about 5 km between two riverfront parks, this place provides a beautiful landscape on the left banks of the Rhone whose new Confluence Museum to the south and the Hôtel Dieu and sweeping views of the slopes of the Croix-Rousse. For historians, an area is reserved for this field. At the foot of the Fourvière hill, Old Lyon stretches over a 25 hectare strip along the Saône. This area is divided into three districts: St George, St John and St Paul. A key feature of Vieux Lyon are those famous alleyways. These are side roads that allow pedestrians to move from one street to another. Old Lyon protects the building that served as former tribunal of Lyon, monument called "24 columns".

Original and unusual tours

The walks are the most recommended when lyon tourism. Besides, all tourists especially women appreciate a walk in Peninsula. This area is the center of Lyon. To go shopping or a simple stroll, this neighborhood is no shortage of monuments. Tours can start with the Museum of Fine Arts, the Opera, the Hotel Dieu. The most famous place in this area is the Place Bellecour dominated by the equestrian statue of Louis XIV. It is the largest pedestrian square in Europe with its 62m2 reserved exclusively for pedestrians. Young people will enjoy following the ride. This is also the fun and original part of the visit to Lyon: the 2 hour ride to Segwayà Segway. On the program, training of driving this machine going around the area.