For your holiday or for tourist trips, come to discover the Basque Country. With its beautiful villages, historical monuments, qnd its population respectful for tradition especially the Basque language and some modern places paradoxically makes it remarkable.

Places to visit

You can not do without visiting certain places when you are in the Basque Country. La Côte des Basques effectively makes part. This is a place with a beautiful view of the sea and on the coasts of Spain, with a small beach. A ballad is required. Then there is the Rock of the Virgin is a magnificent building with a phenomenal view height. Otherwise, one of the most remarkable architectural monuments is the Church of St. John the Baptist. This is a historic place of worship with a beautifully crafted structure, a large space, and highlights possible to have a beautiful panorama. Otherwise, there are some compelling places like Abbadia Castle, the Cathedral of St. Mary of Bayonne and finally the Basque museum for art lovers. You must necessarily be programmed in advance the various visits and be surprised by the variety of activities to fully enjoy your stay in this historic attraction.

The activities to be missed

One of the greatest discoveries of the Basque Country is the multitude of activities it offers. To spend quality time with just incredible environment, you have to go through Hendaye beach that offers fantastic views and a feeling of freedom. The Biarritz Lighthouse is also a great attraction that shows a different perspective of the city and offers a setting of postcards to capture with your camera for nice memories. All walks of fans will be satisfied by this environment. For food lovers, go to the chocolate shop for local specialties and deliciously varied tastes. Besides all this, you must taste the culinary specialty of San Sebastian. So do not hesitate to join the basque country tour of your holiday program. The more you learn, the better it is!