Pattaya is the typical holiday city in Thailand. It is a beautiful destination that welcomes several million tourists each season. The city is located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand about a hundred kilometers south of Bangkok. The city quickly developed and became another alternative to the city of Bangkok and has even become a great destination for tourists.

What makes Pattaya the place not be missed to visit?

Holidaymakers go to a location for a specific reason. The visit to Pattaya can be encouraged by the climate on the region. Three seasons are noticed here. A warm and dry season between December and February. It is the favorite time of the tourists to make the visit of the city and why not of the whole country. Afterwards, there is the warm and humid season between March and April, followed by the hot and rainy season between May and November. Yet, for a few years now, the city continues to receive visitors even during a rainy season which proves the interest that people bring to this city. This favorable climate makes all the places attractive all year round. This is the case for such beaches as Naklua, the quietest in the city, as well as Pattaya's main beach as far as Jomtien Square.

Discover and live

People who decide to come to Thailand, especially in Pattaya, must prepare themselves to experience great experiences. Above all, there are always those tours usually made by scooter riders rented in scooter rentals pattaya. Then there are these unmissable places such as museums but also Buddhist temples located all over the country. It is a journey of discovery to infinity because with the luxuriant nature that exists there, it is impossible to be bored for a day. Finally, the entertainment in the center of the city is precisely made for tourists who want to live and have fun. Pattaya is a beautiful way to celebrate life and freedom.