If you have to choose a way to travel all over Pattaya during your stay, the scooter can be a very good alternative. However, it will be necessary to take into account a few criteria and to make sure that everything happens for the best.

To determine the type of trip

Before choosing the tour operator you want to travel with, you must first determine the type of trip you are considering. The discovery of a country by scooter is above all the discovery of its history, its inhabitants thanks to this means of locomotion. If you want to ride a motorcycle it means that the country is simply a way to do it differently. If your idea is to take a scooter holiday, it is that the scooter is not necessarily indispensable. You should know that the pace of travel will also depend on these choices.
After all a guided tour or not of Pattaya takes a lot of time especially if you want to discover all the corners of the country. You will have to organize your schedule and know how to stop for landscapes, people, monuments and others. If you have little time to spend in Pattaya, then you need to review your priorities. If you opt for the second choice, it is that you are simply going to kilometers, since your goal will be only to travel great distances. The third choice will offer you an incomparable relaxation in a dream setting.

How to rent a scooter in Thailand?

The scooter rental pattaya is very easy since there are everywhere. And the prices are very affordable. This will allow you to save a few extra savings in the face of tax and tuk-tuk, not to mention your freedom of movement. What you need to know is that there are two types of scooter in Pattaya including automatic and manual. The automatic scooter is the easiest to drive although it is more expensive since for manuals the passage of the speed is done with the feet. The most in vogue currently is the scoopy range. To rent, you must leave your passport with the rental company. You will not need your driver's license, but you must check the condition of your vehicle and wear a helmet.