Finding to rent a boat Italy is a real headache, but with a site like Samboat, travelling by boat has become a pleasant habit.

Enjoy a boat trip in Italy

Italy is very rich in waterways, and besides, the boat is one of the means of transport of this country especially on the part of Venice. It is also in Italy that we appreciate the trip on the water for a boat rental between private individuals. There are many sailboats and catamarans as a type of rental boat on the private dock. But you can also enjoy an occasional rental on a motorboat or semi-rigid boat for a stroll through some of Italy's cities. On Samboat, the price of renting these motor boats does not change between 50 to a hundred euros per person per day. Of course, this type of boat can accommodate two to a maximum of five or six people.

The navigable areas in Italy visible on Samboat

Sardinia is the first destination for a boat hire italy, because it is the busiest at the moment. The itinerary is perfect for a full visit of Italy, sailing to the Maddalena Islands, and then spend a good stay in the capital Cagliari and Alghero. And then Sicily, which is also a dream destination to admire the beautiful architecture of the Etna region, then Palermo, the island of Lampedusa and the heavenly beaches. Venice is known to everyone for a tour on the Grand Canal or a beautiful cruise on the Adriatic Sea. Naples is also a good destination for those who want to venture out with their family on a pleasure boat. There are parks to visit, monuments to embellish the vision on the water and the visit of Capri Island.

All in all, going out to sea and visiting Italy are a great getaway and every opportunity is a good opportunity all year round.